Maddock Ranch video & brand story

Brand Story

Maddock Ranch is a fourth-generation family and faith-driven operation with a clear mission:
Provide for God’s creations through regenerative and holistic practices.
We believe all great outcomes start at home. Growing up on ranches that prioritized good moral
standards has shaped our commitment to regenerative agriculture. Our family has long
acknowledged the link between land and people, and the effects agricultural practices can have
on ecological processes.

As active members of our community, we’re committed to serving others. This commitment is
reflected in Maddock Ranch’s nutrient-dense and humanely-raised meat products. We take great
pride in the outcome of our labor and are honored to provide your family with quality protein.
Maddock Ranch is our passion and our livelihood, but it is also the enduring legacy of the
generations before us and the generations after us. Time has shown us that the love of family and
faith in God is everything we need.

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